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Feb 21, 2016 · This is a Golite Shangri-la 4 with a titanium goat cylinder stove. I sewed in a stove jack and sewed a sod skirt around the bottom, I've been using this combo for mountain hunts since 2009. Lots of room for 2 with gear and the total weight is right around 4.5 lbs.
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Set up of a complete Titanium Goat Vertex including liner and WIFI stove. Note; I neglected to have the versa port stove boot in the top of the tent. Its int...
Aug 15, 2013 · Posts about gear written by nsiderbam. Given that I’ve had ample opportunities to try this quilt in the field and that there isn’t much written about it online, I think it’s time to discuss how I feel about it.
Jeg vurderer å lage meg en liten ovn til jaktbua mi. Jaktbua er ikke stor, ca. 5m3 (1,4 x 2,5 x 1,4). Tanken er å bruke en rødspritbrenner (spritbeholderen til Heat Pal) i ovnen i stedet for ved, slik at jeg skal kunne ha fyr i ovnen i 5-6 timer, slik at jeg slipper å stå opp midt på natta for å tenne opp ovnen på nytt, eller fylle på med ved.
I think the Kifaru and TiGoat stoves don't burn out as fast as cheaper stoves because SS and Ti have little or no carbon in them. Turk. 2007-06-27, 17:49.
I have not weighed my stove. According to TiGoat's website, the 22" stove with a 7' Ti pipe weighs about 2lbs. You can add about 10oz. to that weight for a stove with a stainless steel pipe. This is a specialty item for those people who feel they must have a heated shelter. what is the best all around shelter system in your opinion, bag, pad, tent, bivy, tarp, hammock what ever you use together as a complete shelter system. I ask this for fun because the variety of methods people use are cool to me.
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