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Apr 26, 2019 · Power BI DAX #3: VALUES, another must know DAX formula posted by Michael Olafusi , on Friday, April 26, 2019 , No Comments One common situation sales analysts face is capturing newly introduced products or SKUs or Region or Sales Rep in their reports.
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Feb 12, 2020 · Power BI DAX Basics: Calculated Columns & Measures. In this blog, we’re going to be focusing on the Power BI DAX formulae used in calculations, in Measures and Calculated Columns. Calculated Columns. When you create a data model on the Power BI Desktop, you can extend a table by creating new columns.
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To create a calculated column: Go to the Modeling tab in Power BI Desktop. Then select New Column option. A Formula bar will open showing “Column =”. You can replace the “Column” word with the column name you want. After this, enter the expression for the calculated column on the right of the equals to sign.
In the Power Query editor: Right click on your existing query and choose "Reference". Use "Choose Columns" to select only the column which you want your unique values generated from. Right click on the column and choose "Remove Duplicates"Sep 26, 2018 · If you’re looking for more Power BI tips, check out our comprehensive guide. This will allow you to create a list of unique values and prepare to create a connection or build a bridge with those values. I automatically apply these transformations onto any column that I’m prepping to clean and remove duplicates. For more Power BI tutorials ...
//Iterate over each value in the column and then //If the value is of type table get a list of all of the columns in the table //Then get a distinct list of all of these column names: ColumnsToExpand = List.Distinct(List.Combine(List.Transform(ColumnContents, each if _ is record then Record.FieldNames(_) else {}))), //Append the original column ... 150 Billion Triple dataset hosted on the LOD2 Knowledge Store Cluster
Apr 07, 2017 · Dynamically select measures to be shown on a Power BI visual via slicer. A few days ago a client asked me if it is possible to dynamically change series displayed on Power BI chart. My first (instinctive) answer was “Yes, of course, you can use a slicer to select which series you want to show, just put desired column in a slicer visual”. DAX – query language for Power BI and Power Pivot. DAX (Data Analysis Expression) is a language used in Power Pivot, Power BI and SQL Analysis Services. It is similar to Excel formulas, but different in many ways. Three ways of DAX use in Power Pivot or Power BI New column creation. Creation of a new column, which is based on other columns.
How to sum column based on distinct values from another ‎05-22-2020 07:19 AM Hello - these are samples of the relevant information in the table for which I am attempting to sum the quantity, based on the unique ID. Dec 20, 2019 · Phase 1 from the article primarily deals with the logic solve through the addition of the two pre-computed columns. Approx Distinct Users = VAR p = 14 -- Number of bits for bucket VAR m = POWER ( 2, p ) VAR Registers = VALUES ( 'MyEvents'[HLL_HashBucket] ) VAR CountOfRegisters = COUNTROWS( Registers ) VAR E = ( 0.7213 / ( 1 + ( 1.079 / m ) ) ) * POWER ( m, 2 ) * POWER ( SUMX ( Registers, VAR myPower = CALCULATE ( MAX ( 'MyEvents'[HLL_FirstZero] ) ) + 1 RETURN POWER ( 2, - myPower ) ), -1 ...
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